Belkasoft X

Belkasoft, a global leader in digital forensic tools development, announces the release of a new product, Belkasoft Evidence Center X (or, Belkasoft X , for short), a reliable end-to-end solution designed to accelerate digital forensics and incident response investigations.
Belkasoft X is based on the successful Belkasoft Evidence Center (BEC), which evolved from v.1 in 2010 to v.9.9 in 2020, when it was selected as top-3 DFIR Commercial tools per Forensic 4:Cast Awards.
With the new Belkasoft Evidence Center X, you can:
  • Acquire, examine, analyze, and present digital evidence in a forensically sound manner.
  • Extract digital evidence from multiple sources—computers, mobile devices, and cloud services.
  • Take advantage of powerful analytical functions for quick and efficient investigation.
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