Social Media User Relationship Framework

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The use of social media has spread through many aspects of society, allowing millions of individuals, corporate as well as government entities to leverage the opportunities it affords. These opportunities often end up being exploited by a small percentage of the user community who use it for objectionable or unlawful activities; for example, trolling, cyber bullying, grooming, luring. In some cases, these unlawful activities result in investigations where the swift retrieval of critical evidence is required in order to save a life. This paper presents a proof of concept (PoC) framework for social media user attribution. The framework aims to provide digital evidence that can be used to substantiate user activity in live triage investigations. This paper highlights the use of live triage as a viable technique for the investigation of social media activity, contextualizing user activity and attributing actions to users. It discusses the reliability of artefacts other than the communication content as a means of drawing inferences about user social media activity, taking into account.


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