Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner Recertification - AXIOM

Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner Recertification - AXIOM


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Prior to the end of the two-year certification period, students must complete a recertification test to be delivered within the same online environment as the original test. The recertification test is a 50-question test delivered over 90 minutes and requires at least an 80% score to pass. Prior to starting the test, students will be provided digital evidence materials to download and process within Magnet AXIOM. This test combines general knowledge about the use and functionality of AXIOM Process and Examine as well as practical-bases questions around the delivered evidence files.

In order to qualify for the MCFE-AXIOM recertification, students only need to be a current valid holder of the MCFE-AXIOM. If the student's MCFE-AXIOM certification has expired, they will have to begin the certification process from the beginning.  Students should receive a notification three months prior to their certification expiring in an effort to provide the requisite time to apply for the recertification and successfully complete the examination.

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