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  • An Implementation of Transparent Employee Monitoring System by Jump Lists of Windows

An Implementation of Transparent Employee Monitoring System by Jump Lists of Windows

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Maximizing the positive effects and minimizing the negative effects of employee monitoring  system (EMS) are the important issues in the business environment. This paper aims to develop a new transparent EMS for the users of Windows 10 to mitigate the negative effects of EMS including invading employees’ reasonable expectation of privacy, increasing employees’ working stress and distrust, etc. The transparent EMS, named JumpListM, is the first one which applies the records of Jump Lists to monitor the applications run in employees’ computers. The system depends on the Jump Lists, which are the new functions of Windows systems to allow users to quickly access the recent directories, files, and operations that have been used as well as to collect those records as per application basis. Due to the Jump Lists containing a lot of records, the records will be rendered to be the monitoring features in this paper. The JumpListM monitor is implemented as a GUI tool by Python 3.5. It can record what kinds of applications are run at a specific time in a computer. According to the information, a user’s behavior running applications in computer can be monitored. To compare the proposed JumpListM monitor system with the other newest EMSs in the Internet,  JumpListM gets maximum advantages.


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