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Yet another DFIR newsletter?  Yep.

I am starting a monthly newsletter to supplement the existing newsletters that many other DFIR contributors are creating.   I intend to make the newsletter different enough to justify having one email a month in your inbox; actually, I intend to create an awesome monthly newsletter.

I initially expected to give this a shot for a month or so and then see if the signups would justify the effort to create a newsletter.  MailChimp has a ‘forever free’ plan that looks to fit what I’m looking for so for testing the water for interest, MailChimp it is then.  However, after just a week, the signups are reaching the limit of the free plan. No biggie as this is a pleasant surprise to see the interest. The first newsletter won’t come out until June, but you can sign up now so that you don’t miss it.


A DFIR Training Helper!

One of the things happening at DFIR Training is me getting a helper!  This should make updates to the website go a little faster (faster additions of artifacts, tools, etc…).  Plus, I will have time to catch up on the projects that keep getting pushed farther and farther behind.

Upcoming site features

There will be an opportunity for guest blogging at DFIR Training. The purpose will be to give traction to anyone wanting their research to be seen by more people. My suggestion is that if you have a blog that you want help marketing, either write a unique post or cut-n-paste something from your blog for a guest post (and link DFIR Training to your blog).  The goal is more exposure for research and more credit for the work you do.

Other website additions are coming as well, which I’ll keep under wraps until I actually start them once my helper gets more fully on board.  Expect to see uniquely created content soon enough.

DFIR Training is popular because…

….it has what you want on it.  Visitor stats are high and the site ranking has trended upward fairly well.  Page views and data transfer is astronomical ( 90GB of bandwidth and 4.5 million hits in 2017).  I suspect this to go higher as soon as I start adding the new stuff over the summer. 

I put up more stats here if you are interested: About DFIR Training  

What else do you want to see?

If there is something you want on DFIR Training, send me a note  and let me know. Complaints, compliments, and suggestions are welcome if the intention is to make the site better for the community.  In other words, let’s be nice ?

Written by :Brett Shavers

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