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Top 3 Reasons to Visit www.dfir.training

#1 Reason

It has a lot of DFIR stuff

#2 Reason

It really has a lot of DFIR stuff

#3 Reason

Even more DFIR stuff is coming!

I checked the stats for dfir.training for the months of April 2016, April 2017, and April 2018 to get a gauge on what pages are most popular, where most visitors are coming from, and areas to focus on content (based on the pages and page behavior flow).  What I found is that the stats have dramatically increased since April 2016, particularly toward the end of 2017 (The stats do not include bot traffic, which would unnaturally inflate the hits). My conclusion is that so far, everything seems to be in order since the number of visits and hits are higher than ever before.

Even tho the visit rate is high, I am still planning to add more content (new stuff!) that I have been thinking about but haven't had the time to do yet. The new stuff is in addition to the regular updates and content that needs to be added incrementally, like the forensic artifacts and tools. I will have a website 'helper' later this year so that the amount of updates and data entry will be twice as fast as it is now.

With that, and considering the number of visits.......if you are one of the dfir.training visitors and you find the site useful, your vote for DFIR Training as Digital Forensic Resource of the Year would be appreciated.

Hurry as the last day to vote is coming up quick (May 25).


As to the stats, here are a few stats from April 2016, 2017, and 2018.


Written by :Brett Shavers

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