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The #DFIR Social Network

Today marks the implementation of a DFIR Social Network  at DFIR Training.  Give it a try and sign up.  I would say that is "like" Facebook or Linkedin, but then again, you won't receive unsolicited emails , and your personal information won't be sold or given away to third parties , and your Internet browsing history won't be tracked , and your phone call logs won't be accessed .  However, it works similar to Facebook and Linkedin in that you can follow and be followed, post links, comments, videos, photos, ideas, questions, and create polls.  Unlike Facebook and Linkedin, it's only DFIR, all about DFIR, and nothing else but DFIR.  Did I mention it is all about DFIR?

My intention is to connect DFIR practitioners, educators, students, and trainers together in a manner that I believe is more respectful than other social media where you are the product.  The DFIR Social Network doesn't want your personal information; but it does want you to join in the conversation and connect with your peers, your mentors, and your students.

Check it out.  If you have suggestions, make them known so that I can make it better.  And use it, because there is no other DFIR resource anywhere that draws in so many in for resources and references.  Last year alone, there were over 180,000 unique visits to dfir.training, comprised of 4.5 million hits with 1.8 million pages visited .  2017 looks to surpass that by a great margin.  So take advantage of the site that gives you everything about DFIR, and watch it grow with content on a regular basis that is specific to helping you do your job.  Technically, we call this very cool .

NOTE : If you have any problems registering, send me an email directly so that I can fix it.  ( brett@shavers.cc ).  



Written by :Brett Shavers

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