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The DFIR Bookshare Challenge Continues..

The DFIR Bookshare Challenge Continues..

Let’s start to close out 2020 with another DFIR Bookshare Challenge! I hope to continue this through 2021 (depends on how many DFIR book authors want to join).

The current book giveaway is Mobile Forensic Investigations by Lee Reiber. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, December 11, 2020.

Here’s how it works:

-First, the details on the books:

**Each book is signed by the author with a personal message, along with a highlighted passage that is most **important to the author for readers.

**Signed by me (after I read it!), along with my personal message, plus my highlighted passage that I found to be most important for readers.

-For you:

**Enter the drawing for chance to win the book (by sharing the Tweet, Facebook post, etc…)

**If you win, you can

     (1) keep the book or

     (2) share it by giving to someone else in DFIR. BUT! Before passing it on, sign it, write a personal note for the next reader, and highlight a passage that you feel readers will benefit.  Then ask that the next person do either keep it or better yet, pass it along to someone else in the same manner.

For me:

I’ll find the books and encourage any DFIR author to join in!

I’ll pick the winners (using an online random generator.

I’ll cover the cost to ship the book to you anywhere in the world.

For the DFIR community:

We generate conversations from the book and talk to each other.

We share a DFIR book that came from the hands of the author to another practitioner, to a student, to another practitioner, to another student, to another practitioner… 

The goal is a completely marked up, signed up, dogged ear book that created more conversations and email threads that would not have happened otherwise. In other words, the book's goal is to help us engage with each other .

Where have the books gone so far?

Written by :Brett Shavers

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