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Supporting DFIR.Training and getting STUFF!

The DFIR Training Patreon page is gone!  But the DFIR Training membership support is still here at https://dfir.training/subscriptions .

Here’s the short version:

Subscribe to DFIR Training and get access to training courses , a subscriber-only blog , and podcast , and early-access to DFIR Training’s website features (beta tests of new features, searches, and anything else that is being worked on to add to the website).

The DFIR Training website is still free , and always will be.

More details on supporting dfir.training

The subscription just adds more access to more (new!) features, direct communication, live webinars, and anything else that gets added.

For those who moved over from Patreon to direct-subscription to DFIR Training, your support is AWESOME!

For those who decide to subscribe at any point from now, your support means a lot to the development of DFIR.training.

More courses are coming.  More ebooks are coming. More blog posts and podcasts are coming. Every month. Some are every week. Something always.

Supporting dfir.training through a subscription means that the site will grow, you will be instrumental in that growth with your subscription, and you'll get DFIR goodies as an appreciation of support.

Did you miss the webinar on Making Mistakes in DFIR?

If so, subscribe and you will have access this week when a longer version, with more details, and downloads to support the course is uploaded.

Website stuff:

Some cool things are being added to give you even more reasons to keep coming back to dfir.training as the best DFIR resource on the Internet.

If you have a blog, or a tool, or anything that you don't see on dfir.training, send a message and it will be added! Also, if you don't see it, that only means that I overlooked it!

Written by :Brett Shavers

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