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Something new from DFIR Training for YOUR website or blog!

Something new from DFIR Training for YOUR website or blog!

The DFIR Training website continues to evolve to be easier to find what you are looking for and now for you to put on your own website or blog.

**WIDGETS for your Website

Want to put a list on your blog or Website from DFIR Training? No problem. You can get the HTML code to embed several lists. Get the code here: https://www.dfir.training/widget-embeds

When content is updated on DFIR Training, your list will automatically update as well. This includes DFIR events (courses, webinars, etc…), the latest DFIR white papers that I find, CTFs, and more! If there is a category (menu items are basically categories), and you would like that category in a list for your website, send me a message and I’ll add it for you. You can choose the most popular, most recent, featured, or by any topic that you see on the website. You have 100% freedom to use these widgets on your Website or blog! As I add more widgets, feel free to add them to your sites!

Updates to DFIR Training

**Latest Added Content

The DFIR Training website might seem overwhelming with over 2,000 listings of software, books, events, white papers, and forensic artifacts, especially if you are a regular visitor and only what to see new content. Now, all new content is on the front page. Catch up in minutes!

**“Search DFIR Training”

Type in what you think you need to get a listing of everything on the website.

Are you looking for a tool or book or course by the developer’s name? Type it in the box and you will get it all. This is perhaps the fastest way to find what you need if you are unsure where to start. It is also the easiest way to find if your content (tool, event, book, etc…) is listed on DFIR Training. If it isn’t listed, send me a message and I’ll add it!

Site Partners & Sponsors

Check out the sponsors of DFIR Training. They are handpicked and I fully support their tools, otherwise, they’d not be on the site. Many have given away their products on DFIR Training, some more than a few of their tools.  Much thanks for the giveaways! If your organization wants to be a sponsor, here is the media kit information: https://www.courses.dfir.training/media-kit

DFIR Events

My goal for the events listings is that more than 75% of DFIR events will eventually be listed. If your company is not listed, add it and your course will stand side-by-side your competitors and you can fill the seats. The current method of finding DFIR training doesn’t work because the potential attendee has to visit dozens of websites of individual providers and search through pages and pages of course listings, and then find the course that fits their personal calendar and their budget and their delivery method and the location. TOO MUCH WORK.

On DFIR Training, you can filter all DFIR events by the event type, dates, providers, and location. One place, all events.

If you are not seeing a training provider that you feel should be on DFIR Training, send the provider a message or send me a message to contact the provider.

Site statistics

A quick note that the DFIR Training site has gone down for a minute or two at a time for the past week. Refresh the page if this happens to you and it should come back up. The reason is massive traffic, which is not a problem as I keep upping the site’s CPU when this happens. Cloudflare says there are lots of people visiting…

About the DFIR Training website

I’ll refer to Jessica Hyde’s interview about the DFIR Training Website. If you like the video, be sure to give it a thumbs up!

DFIR Subscribers

Some have contacted me about subscribing to DFIR Training , but I regret to say that all new subscriptions will not re-start until April, or even May. The reason is that there is some subscriber early-access content that is only for current subscribers. I will let out a big shout when the subscriptions are open as I have lots of work to do until then (finishing up a book, multiple courses, and podcasts!).





Written by :Brett Shavers

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