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Forensic Notes Giveaway

I have an upcoming review of Forensic Notes . Here’s the summary:

Forensic Notes does exactly what it says it does.

I’ll get into the details later this week, but after corresponding and debating (in a good way) with the developer over notetaking for some time, I’ve been swayed toward better ways to document my work. I’ll discuss some of the things that changed my mind in the review, but fair to say that you may want to take a look at your documentation methods for improvements.


With that, Forensic Notes is giving away THREE 1-user professional licenses for THREE YEARS . That means you have 3 chances to win a 3-year license. This is a substantial giveaway.

Giveaway date : Oct 28, 2019

Rules : (1) Answer the winning email on Oct 28, 2019 if you win, (2) agree to maybe receive an email from Forensic Notes if you do not win. I say “ maybe” because I offer that to any company who asks me to help with a giveaway of good tools, in that maybe there is something you want to know about the tool that you can ask when you maybe get an email.

Register (free) here:

**Giveaway completed. Three winners picked!**


Written by :Brett Shavers

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