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DFIR Training is on Patreon!

Take a look. There’s something new happening.

First things first: What’s Patreon?

Patreon is a way that you can support DFIR Training and at the same time, get some real benefits. With support, DFIR Training (the website and Patreon page) will be able to grow and try to reach the expectations I want. By try, I mean that I have high expectations with what I want to do with both the DFIR Training website and Patreon.

Next thing. Support = donations.

By supporting the DFIR Training website and Patreon page, I mean that donations are needed. The website is free to access everything on it, and will always be free . Nothing will ever be behind a paywall.  However, to help it grow to way more than it is, I need support. Your support means that I can dedicate more time outside of my regular time to give more content to both the website and Patreon. I want to really go 100mph on this to make both the website and Patreon the place to go for all things DFIR, or at least, one of the top places (I have big expectations....just the way I am...).

Your benefit in supporting

I don’t want donations for nothing in return. I’ll work hard to earn any support I deserve. For that, the Patreon DFIR Training page will give you rewards at different levels of support, depending on how much you want to support. For as little as a few dollars a month to a little more, every bit helps me to spend more time on you and the community.

Some of your benefits are access to Patreon supporter only content. Content like software reviews , software comparisons , f ace-to-face interviews with practitioners in the field , case studies , business and education tips , and Patreon-only chatting it up with me and friends in the community.

Other benefits are access to training courses that I put together.  Some of the courses I have, you will be able to access for as long as you are a Patreon supporter!  Courses like Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard , the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide online course , and more. Here’s a big thing that I believe in: when you spend time learning, it is an added benefit to be able to formally document your time. The courses that I will give you access to include certificates of completion (not ‘competence’ or ‘skill’, as I can’t test your skill!).  But you will have documented proof of your time to complete courses which can be beneficial for your work training records, resume, or court testimony in self-learning, formal courses, and hours of training.  This is a big deal because simply watching videos on YouTube doesn’t cut it in court! And I'll keep adding courses for as long as I have something to teach!

On a related note, this is a way to get involved in the DFIR community, even if just a little as your input goes from your mouth to my ear. I am always one to sing the praises of good ideas that someone has. My benefit is seeing someone excel. My enjoyment is being able to be a part of helping someone else.  Even if you are an 'expert' (we all know about that word, but you know what I mean), your support is appreciated just as much as your words and opinions. All in DFIR, all wanting to into DFIR, and all related to DFIR are part of the same community.  That's the point of this Patreon and DFIR Training work forever-in-progress, forever-improving.

The bad news

I am limiting the number of Patreon supporters at each level at first . I will increase the number as time goes on, but I want to keep the community support fairly small in the beginning to really focus on those who want to support. That means I want to focus on you and provide you what you would like to see. So, if you want to get in now, by all means, jump in!

The good news

I take you at your word and request. If you want to see something specific on DFIR Training or the Patreon page, as a supporter, I will do everything I can to make it happen. You can turn it into something that benefits you and the community, and you will be a most valuable part of all of it.  You'll get the benefits that no one will by being a supporter. 

Thank you!

In advance, thank you. It takes an amazing amount of time and effort to put materials together and then create a platform for the community to use those materials. Your support is so appreciated, I don’t know how to express it enough, except to say, thank you.

So there you have it!

Take a look at the Patreon page here:  https://www.patreon.com/DFIRtraining

Let me know what you think . If you don’t want to support for some reason, let me know what it is and maybe I can make it happen. I try to think of everything, but more brains work better together. I’ll see you on Patreon!

Written by :Brett Shavers

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