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DFIR Sub Work List?

I’ve been asked to create a closed e-mail list for sub-contract work with the dfir.training website.  Before I take this on…I created a Twitter poll to get a handle on if it will be worthwhile to enough people.  Please vote, whether or not you are interested (that’s the point of the poll, Yes or No).  Location is irrelevant (purpose is global connections).

Here is the suggestion and how it would work:


  • Closed listserv.
    • Entry by verification of each person/company.  You have to be named by company/name to prevent spam in the email list.  The only emails will be those looking for sub-contractors, such as “looking for someone to image a computer in Austin” or “someone to do forensics in Boise”, etc…
  • Closed directory
    • A simple listing of those wanting to be listed on a closed web page offering sub services, such as: John Doe, Austin Texas, Tel xxx-xxx-xxxx, E-mail yyy@yyyy.com , specializing in xyz.  Directory will only be visible to those vetted into the closed listserv.


The intention is that if you are looking for someone to do something DFIR related in some place, you can send an email to the list, or check the directory for specific persons you want to ask.  The listserv will have nothing to do with any arrangements other than providing the list for communication.  


That’s all there is to it, but could be valuable to those looking to provide sub-work or need sub-work done.


Please vote either way so that I can get a gauge on whether or not this is a good idea to do.  Thanks!

Written by :Brett Shavers

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