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DFIR Bookshare Challenge and a Few Other Things  

DFIR Book Share Challenge

So far, in my opinion….this DFIR Bookshare Challenge is awesome

Sure, there is some work to it. Getting the books (and signed by the authors!), getting the word out, managing the hundreds of entries, making random drawings, getting confirmation from winners, then getting the addresses, then the mailing of each book (in and out of the USA). But even at that, this is totally awesome! Awesome because so far, the winners are welcoming the challenge to share after reading the books. That is so super cool. Even cooler is that you don't need to spend a dime in buying the book, shipping fees, or anything. Just the time to enter is all that is needed and I'll mail the book to you if you win.

There will be multiple ways to enter the drawing (Twitter, email, Instragram, Facebook, etc...)

Where have the books gone so far? Here is the current map, and remember, this will be happening every month until I run out of author-signed books:


  Oh yeah…..the book reviews…

I have to admit that I am behind on the reviews. I probably bit more than I can chew with giving away so many books in such a short time, which includes me reading each book in order to review them all. I plan to get through all the reviews over the holidays.

If you wrote a DFIR and want to join the challenge ( https://www.dfir.training/dfir-training-categories-k2/item/160-free-dfir-books ), let me know.


Back to the DFIR Bookshare challenge ...as a benefit for the Patreon members, each member at tier levels of $20 or more are getting 21 entries to win a book, each time. Everyone else receives one entry. That doesn't mean that only patrons win, but they have more chances to win.


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Written by :Brett Shavers

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