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Cool stuff being added to dfir.training

Out of a dozen different topics to add to the dfir.training website, a directory ( or yellow pages.. .) is one of them.

Here is the importance to you:

Put your DFIR or eDiscovery business in the directory and have more exposure.  ( add your listing )

Do you take on sub-contract work ? List your business and be found.  Contract work is needed everywhere.

Belong to a DFIR association ? Put it in the directory to increase membership exposure.

Do you provide DFIR training or education ? Submit your business or school to increase student enrollment.

Some upcoming plans for the directory:

Once there are enough listings to make the directory effective, I will be sending the directory URL to every law firm I have worked with, and some that I have not with the intention of giving attorneys a place to find an expert quickly and easily.  This can help you especially if an attorney is looking for a local examiner to their office or local to the case matter. 

The directory will be searchable by location ( "what is near me" ) so that clients and students can quickly search and find the nearest DFIR services/training provider.

The appearance will change as it evolves for the better, but in essence, it is a searchable, sortable, filterable directory of DFIR/eDiscovery vendors, associations, and training resources.

Some tips for your listing:

Put as much information as you want to be seen as it may be the first place you may be found by a client (or by a student).  

Keep the listing up to date (change it as you need).

Make it enticing enough for visitors to click your URL or give you a call.

Listing Publishing Time Frames

I will be publishing listings as I get them, so give it a little time before I get to yours after you submit your listing.  There are hundreds to add at this moment....



Written by :Brett Shavers

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