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Advertising on DFIR Training? Seriously?


Hang on a second before assuming that DFIR Training will be going all ‘pop up crazy’ and inundate you with Adobe Flash, signups, opt ins and opt outs, and embedding spammy links everywhere. None of that is going to happen.

And don’t think that anyone will ever be charged to view anything on www.dfir.training . Everything that has been free, will still be free, and nothing will be put on www.dfir.training that requires paying anything for access. No change whatsoever.

The advertising will be things that you may really want to see. Like more event listings and extensive event listing details . And company listings . And featured tools and featured events . You’ll not see anything that detracts from the Website and only see that which probably interests you, like the same things you are seeing now. Software listings, hardware listings, and RSS feeds that are updated every few minutes from the most active DFIR blogs on the Internet.

Here is your benefit in having ads/logos on DFIR Training. It will pay to keep the site up so that you don’t have to ever think that it will come down due to costs or disinterest. Right now, the website is hosted with the fastest plan available at the webhost. And it is maintained daily. And backed up daily. And content is added daily.  By having a few outstanding companies put their logo on the site will ensure DFIR Training only gets better and stays fast.

Side note: Do you want to market your tools, events, or company on DFIR Training? DFIR Training is all about tools, events, and DFIR developers. Send me a message and I’ll send you a media kit! https://www.dfir.training/advertising-on-dfir-training

Patreon, where you do have to pay for access

Some of you have seen the DFIR Training Patreon page ( http://www.patreon.com/dfirtraining ). Patreon is like Kickstarter (you probably know what Kickstarter does). People donate to a cause that they believe in, and in return they receive rewards. The rewards I am giving and have plans to give far outweigh the donations, but I would like see more people have access to what I do without spending a paycheck on a single course.

Even some have already signed up to support the Patreon page! That is so cool!  Signing up to support DFIR Training on Patreon goes to fund the Website for constant improvements. For anyone wanting to personally support me and the DFIR Training website, I am giving lots of bennies in return for your support. For example, you get access to the online courses I have and will have coming up, like:

  • X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide
  • 101+ Tips and Tricks for X-Ways Forensics
  • Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard
  • Forensic Operating Systems
  • Windows Forensic Environment
  • DFIR Case Study Series
  • More coming!

Plus, I’m giving away the ebook versions of cheat sheet guides, like the Ultimate DFIR Cheats for X-Ways Forensics at over 100 pages, and coming soon, the Ultimate DFIR Cheats for Windows Forensic Environment. Plus a few other person things I will give away for supporters. One of the projects I will have on Patreon is setting up a small lab in small-to-medium sized police agencies. Lots more coming!

The thing to remember about the Patreon page is that you get videos, courses, and the DFIR cheat books that I am writing as my appreciation in return for your support . And if you are on Reddit , you get Reddit flair as a supporter. With over 40 hours of courses, plus the ebooks, plus some other cool little things coming up, $20 a month is not bad at all ?.

DFIR.training really is that popular

Well over a million hits a month . Sometimes hitting 50K unique visitors a month with 35K unique visitors being a low average.  There are over 100 sites linking to DFIR Training and the Alexa traffic rank has DFIR Training surpassing just about every similar DFIR site. The number of daily pageviews per visitor and the length of time browsing/searching DFIR Training gives me the pressure (in a positive way) to keep the site current, relevant, and constantly improving. With the things that I have planned to put on dfir.training, the stats are only going to grow more. 

You're not bothering me

If you see something missing or in error on dfir.training, send me a note and let me know. It's not bother to me to fix something or add something. If I am busy, then it may take a little bit to get to your email, but I will be on it. There is the 100% possibility that I am missing a tool. Send me the link and I'll add it. For events, contact the trainers or companies that provide training and ask them to put their events on the DFIR Training calendar. The more the merrier to have a comprehensive DFIR training calendar.


Written by :Brett Shavers

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