2019 Narcos (Digital Corpora)


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Simplified Scenario

Due to intelligence provided by the Australian government, two passengers were intercepted by Customs upon arriving at Wellington, New Zealand from Brisbane. The Intel provided stated that Jane Esteban and John Fredricksen may be involved in illegal activity.

The suspects were searched by a customs officer. John Fredricksen’s baggage consisted of clothing, toiletries and a Windows laptop. Jane Esteban’s baggage also consisted of clothing, toiletries and a small windows laptop. 

Upon further search of the lining of John Fredricksen’s suitcase, one kilogram of Methamphetamine was located. Both suspects were taken into separate interview rooms where they were interrogated. John Fredricksen refused to answer any questions. 

Jane Esteban stated all she knew and that she had to deliver the suitcase to the “Eastbourne library” but if all else failed then they were to deliver it to 666 Rewera Avenue, Petone as told by John Fredricksen.

Customs and police subsequently raided that address. There was nobody present at the address. Customs did, however, find drugs, guns and a desktop computer in the living room of the suspect’s house.

You are a Customs forensics investigator. Customs officers have delivered a forensic image and memory dump of the suspect’s desktop computer to you. Your task is to determine the relationship between John Fredrickson and the suspect, their future intentions and any other supporting evidence that pertains to the case.