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We get that a lot of people don’t get excited about note-taking, but for us, it has become a passion and a fundamental part of our daily lives.

Hopefully our story will inspire you to look deeper into your documentation strategies, whether it’s for your business, organization, or personal life.

Our Story

The story of Forensic Notes is born out of the frustration of trying to keep great notes in a field were note-taking is essential – Digital Forensics.
Ironically, in a field of high-technology, we were initially taking hand-written notes.
We quickly found ourselves frustrated, however, with trying to keep track of (or misplacing) notes for multiple ongoing investigations.
Not only was it hard to keep track of our notes, trying to read our own writing or recording long strings of digital data by hand was both tedious and tiresome.
It didn’t take us long to make the switch to using electronic notes using popular word processing and spreadsheet applications.
We immediately enjoyed the convenience of being able to read our own writing, spell-checking, searching key-terms, and being able to copy & paste data and images directly into our notes.

However, we started to get a nagging feeling that something was wrong with our method.
We had been trained in the strict rules of note-keeping when it came to pen & paper, which are focused on ensuring contemporaneous notes cannot be created or altered after the fact.  But to our surprise, there were no real rules or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for keeping digital notes.
And because we were working in the field of digital forensics, we realized how easy it would be to alter these key electronic documents with no easy or reliable method to identify or track such changes.

Then we started to get worried
If our electronic notes were not accepted in court, then obviously all our hard work was for nothing.
After searching for an acceptable solution and finding none, we asked…
What if we could build an electronic note-taking application that followed and mimicked the strict rules of the pen and paper?
And this was the birth of Forensic Notes.
Our initial goal was simple, replicate the benefits of a physical notebook while allowing access to the technological conveniences available in a digital format.
We already achieved our initial goal and many more
But our story is far from over!
We are still making notes, and looking for ways to make the process easier, faster, and more accessible for the various ways other people want to make their notes.

And that’s Forensics Notes in a nutshell.

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