DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems

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DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems



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DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems is an Ottawa, Canada-based company dedicated to providing "serious gear for data recovery professionals."

DeepSpar began in 2001 as a small data recovery service provider. Finding a lack of appropriate data recovery equipment and methodologies in the marketplace, the company engaged in increasing amounts of internal R&D to fill the gaps. As DeepSpar's in-house tools improved, they garnered interest from other professional data recovery service providers.

It didn’t take long before requests for those tools outstripped requests for DeepSpar’s services — prompting the company to restructure in 2004, winding down the service side of the business and focusing exclusively on building professional data recovery technologies. Since then, DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems has dedicated all of its resources to building field-tested solutions for data recovery professionals, emerging as the market standard in data recovery and helping hundreds of organizations grow their data recovery capabilities.

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