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Atola Technology is a leading provider of forensic imaging technology for the global digital forensics industry with customers in governments and businesses in 90+ countries.

Atola products provide forensic professionals with fast, reliable and easy-to-use imagers of premium quality created by a team of hardware and software engineers in 
collaboration with top law enforcement agencies.

Atola TaskForce is a high-performance hardware forensic imager. It works with both good and damaged hard drives. Its unbeatable multitasking capabilities and imaging speeds allow TaskForce to run 12+ tasks simultaneously at 15 Tb/hour. TaskForce autodetects RAID configurations , reassembles and images RAID arrays. Express mode and Web API provide great imaging automation capabilities. 

Atola Insight Forensic is a high-speed forensic imager that offers complex data recovery and retrieval functions in a user-friendly interface. Its vast functionality includes in-depth drive diagnostics, firmware recovery, ATA password removal, file recovery, scripting, HPA & DCO recovery, hashing, multitasking (imaging + wiping + hashing etc.), on-the-fly artifact search, and many other great features.

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